Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list with the most common questions among our customers and some additional information we thought could be useful to you.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Table of Contents - Questions:


1. Which business types/markets can be managed using Kydemy?

Kydemy has been designed specifically for training centers. But it can be used for any business or professional that needs to handle students/customers with classes, appointments or events. Currently we have customers from very different markets and backgrounds. Do not hesitate to contact us and we will find out if Kydemy is right for you.

2. How is the number of active students computed in order to select the right plan?

Do not worry about selecting the right plan, Kydemy will let you know if you are not in the correct plan. We count active students as those students that are enrolled in active classes or that have registered any payments.

3. What happens if my students go over the plan limit?

Nothing, we will get in touch with you to upgrade to you to the next plan for the next billing period. In case of annual subscriptions we will prorate the annual fee. If one month your students go over the threshold by a small amount you won't be upgraded to the next plan.

4. I no longer need or want to use Kydemy, what now? What happens with my data?

Before taking any decision we will try to help you and improve our platform to support all your needs. If you are decided, and you are within the first 60 days, you will get your subscription money back. Either way, your subscription will be canceled and your next monthly bill won't be charged. Also you are able to export your data at any point from within the configuration panel.

5. Is there a minimum permanence period for my subscription?

No, you pay as you go. You can choose to pay every month manually, store your credit card so it gets charged automatically or pay yearly. It is up to you! Plus you have a 60-day money back guarantee in all plans so there is no risk for you.

6. Are my data and business secure with Kydemy?

Totally! Kydemy uses the latest technology in order to keep your data safe. Your data is in a separate database, so your data is not mixed with other customers, and our applications work using a secure connection to ensure that your data is always safe. On top of that, your data is safely backed up regularly.

7. Is it safe for my students/me to pay their fees and classes online?

Although Kydemy is a very safe environment, student payments are managed through our partner </b>Stripe</b>, the leader in online payments. Stripe is used by thousands of business around the world and is considered best-in-class solution for online payments.

8. Is there a way to import data into Kydemy?

Kydemy has a data importer to massively add student to your platform from a XSLX spreadsheets file. This conveniently can create your students and automatically assign them their corresponding fees/memberships, classes, styles, etc. Please read our directions and help article in order to successfully use this function.

9. Why choose Kydemy instead of other solutions out there?

There are many reasons why Kydemy is the best choice out there. For starters, it is made specially for managing all sides of an studio, it is not a generic software nor modular nor adapted from other markets. Furthermore, we provide the best customer service, it is the easiest to manage, it is blazing fast, we have a native mobile app for your students (free or branded), we use the latest technology and it looks nicer 😉.

10. We are currently using a different tool, will it be difficult migrate to Kydemy?

If your current platform can export your students data in XSLX or CSV formats it will be really easy to migrate you to Kydemy. Either way, when you start with Kydemy you get one week of free Concierge Service; which includes our help to help you migrate and configure your data from other systems.

Please contact us if you have any doubts or hesitations, we would love to hear from you and discuss how can we help you.

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