Management software for Yoga and Pilates studios

Find the perfect balance for managing your center. Having the latest technology that is both simple and easy to use is possible with Kydemy.

Simplify your day-to-day life and focus on your true passion: teaching Yoga. Plus, you'll strengthen the connection with your students thanks to the professional mobile app.

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Effective payment management

Effective payments manager

Has it ever happened to you that after every class you realize that there are a lot of people left to pay?

Forget about getting to the end of the month and discovering that your accounts don't balance and there's still money missing from your till. With Kydemy you'll have full visibility of your daily and monthly debts so you don't miss a single payment.

Online payments

Your students will quickly and easily pay for your classes and workshops.

Payment reminders

You will receive automatic notifications and emails about your outstanding payments.

Debt control

Instantly view which students have debts.

Cash Management

Control your cash deposits and withdrawals on a daily basis.

All your students in one place

Updated student database

Consult your students' information from any place and device.

You will be able to add from basic to more detailed information about the students attending your classes, pilates events or yoga workshops: levels, payment history, attendances...

Custom profile

Add your photos, files, create personal notes and tags.


Find information quickly thanks to class, level, center and quota filters.

Individual messages

Teachers and students can communicate easily through the app.


You will have statistics and class history for each student.

We call you

We are happy to help you, just leave us your phone number and you will soon receive a call from one of our experts. Tell us how you want to improve your studio and together we will find the best solution for you.

We will use this information to contact you and answer your questions over the phone.
Manage your entire academy from one place

Organizing your class schedule just got easier!

Having a hard time organizing your week with so many class groups and levels?

We don't want you to waste time trying to fit dozens of group classes and workshops into your calendar. With Kydemy you can organize them quickly and easily and also customize the content.

Yoga and Pilates class scheduler

You and your teachers will have visibility of the classes and their capacity.

Attendance lists

You will always know which students are attending and which are not.

Class recovery

Control which students have made up a missed attendance.

Trial classes

Control which students are interested in your yoga studio and follow up well.

Student loyalty tools

Student loyalty tools

Don't miss the opportunity to attract new students every day! With Kydemy you will be able to strengthen your communication to get new students.

Take advantage of all the options that Kydemy offers you to increase the loyalty of the largest number of students. You'll be able to grow your business easily with events, mass emails and our mobile app.

App for students and teachers

Students and teachers will be able to communicate instantly.

Event organization

The perfect place to upload didactic videos, extra material or explain exercises.


Send mailings to former students and analyze the results of the campaign.

File and video manager

The perfect site to upload extra material or create online yoga and pilates courses.

Ready to improve your business?

We are here to help you achieve your dreams. If you are interested in learning about our platform we will show it to you with no obligation! Just book a demo with us. During the demo we will analyze your needs and you will be able to solve all your doubts.

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