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Our goal is to give you the best attention so that your experience is unique, even if you are afraid of computers. We help and advise you to set up our software from start to finish so that you never feel alone.

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Studios and schools already using Kydemy

Animal Jazz
Centre Ball Mallorca
Oscar Flores
Big South Swing
MAB Dance Center
Sa Cotxeria
Dando la Nota
Galactic Old School
Sincrónica Centro de Danza
Scream Music School

Made for people like you

Your school is not a generic business. That's why we created a studio management software together with all kinds of centers: dance schools, music, arts, wellness...


Covers all your needs but super simple to use and learn.

No permanence or hidden costs

With 15-day trial and 60-day warranty with no fine print.

We know you'll love it

Over 90% of customers who use it stay and stick with us.

By your side always

All our customers praise us for the same thing: Our customer service.

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What a better way to understand Kydemy than to see it live with one of our specialists?

Jordi Fàbrega

I'll advise people to not look for other student management software, it has to be Kydemy because it is the only one that has been created for dance schools.

Jordi Fàbrega

Owner, CBM School

Let us help you

Our team of experts will answer any questions you may have. Don't be shy, ask us!

Beatriz Abreu

It really helps students not to get discouraged [...] Having a dance studio software that is designed for schools like ours helps them not to lose their sense of belonging.

Beatriz Abreu

Cátedra Cubana de Danza Clásica

Your students go first

Without your students (and their relatives), it's not the same. With our dance studio software, they'll have access just like you, so they won't miss a thing

Native mobile app

It has never been so easy to have a mobile App for your school. Plus your school will have a more professional and exclusive image.

Forget about overtime

Your students will pay online, watch videos, receive notifications... without you having to waste any more time.

App for everyone

Your students, family members and teachers will be able to use Kydemy's mobile App, with a modern and beautiful design.

Generate community

You will improve the communication with your students and make them much more loyal.

Check Kydemy pricing

Check out all the functionalities that Kydemy offers you and that will help you save time and effort.

For the whole school

Your teachers and staff, under control in Kydemy. Our team will give you and your colleagues all the support you need

Complete training

We train you and your entire team at no cost.

Say no to paperwork

Lost papers? Printer not working? Forget about that. You'll have it all in a cloud management software, always accessible.


We help you migrate the data you have in no time.

Reinvest your time

Lots of projects in mind and you don't get them off the ground? You'll save so much time that you'll be able to reinvest it in school!

Kydemy functionalities

Check out Kydemy's prices, no hidden fees, no permanence and we never raise prices

Sally O'neill

Kydemy has met our expectations 100%. Whenever I had a question [...] I immediately sent a message via chat and within a minute I had an answer [...]

Sally O'neill

Sally O'Neill Academy of Dance and Performing Arts

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