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In case you can't attend, please notify us 24 hours in advance.

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Meet our customer feedback:

Oscar Flores

Oscar Flores

Artist, Academia Oscar Flores

To me Kydemy has given me everything! My students are delighted, they feel part of a group. One of the things I like about the application is that I can choose the amount of the fees. This allows me to adapt to the situation of each student
Maria, Artisteo

Maria Martinez

Director and owner, Escuela Artisteo

Having a system like Kydemy allows me to write down the details of potential students and send them an invitation, so you don't lose clients. Also, visually you give a professional and trustworthy image - you are always ahead of me in terms of the needs I have!
Fosy, Mecanicos

Fosy Rock

Owner, Escuela Mecánicos del Swing

Kydemy for us meant order and convenience. Having everything in a single platform has greatly simplified our management, especially in terms of time and ease. Besides, it has been improving with each update and each time it has better functionalities and more practical applications.
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