The definitive software for language academies and training schools

We have the most complete program for you to manage your academy to perfection and connect more than ever with your students.

Imagine being able to control everything that happens in your school, perform daily tasks with just a couple of clicks and that both you and your students and teachers are part of the same close community and fully adapted to the new times.

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Collection management program for your school or academy

Payment management software for your training school.

Are you still using an obsolete student payment control system in excel? Don't waste more time in front of the computer to know what is still to be paid each month.

I'm sure you have lots of different types of fees and payment methods to suit your students' needs, which is great for them but can be chaotic for you! Thanks to Kydemy you can easily manage this so you don't miss any payments.

Online payments

Ease of payment for your students.

Payment reminders

Automatic notifications and emails.

Debt control

Display which students have debts.


Check the profitability of your classes, memberships and best customers.

Communicate and build loyalty simultaneously

Communicate and foster loyalty at the same time

Would you like to have better customer retention tools and not constantly rely on whatsapp?

At Kydemy we want your school's communications to be effective, so that your student community grows and always feels heard and cared for. You will be able to create events and promote them, make mailing campaigns and upload digital content such as videos or files so that you are always connected.

Class notes

Share progress information with your students, parents or other teachers.

Bulk messaging

Send mass mailings with class filters, memberships, current students, ex-students and statistics.

Individual messages

Teachers and students will be able to communicate easily through the app.

Event organization

Publish face-to-face or virtual events and share them with your students.

We call you

We are happy to help you, just leave us your phone number and you will soon receive a call from one of our experts. Tell us how you want to improve your studio and together we will find the best solution for you.

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All your students in one place

Day-to-day management easier than ever

Do you feel like you're wasting a lot of time trying to keep up with all your tasks and management? See for yourself how saving time and dedicating it to what you like is possible.

At Kydemy our main goal is to make your life easier so your students can always be your priority. You will be able to quickly control the capacity of all your classes, make a roll call with just a couple of clicks and customize the profile of each student to the maximum.

Classroom control

You will be able to know at all times which students you have in each class, the capacity and waiting lists.

Attendance lists

You and your teachers will be able to do an easy roll call and forget about cumbersome paper lists.

Customizable profiles

Your contact details, profile picture, family members, etc. All the information you need about each student.

Timetable manager

Schedule changes and cancellations will not be a problem, your students will always be informed.

Create a great community of artists

Your fully digitized educational center

Do you need to have an infinite number of excels, file cabinets, folders and you never find the information you need?

It's over, with Kydemy your classes are organized and with all the information of you and your students and teachers need.

Add files and videos

The perfect place to upload didactic videos, extra material or explain exercises.

Online registrations

Your potential students will be able to sign up for your courses quickly without having to go to the school.

App for students and teachers

They will be able to access from their phone and instantly to all their information and personal profile.

Digital signature

Controls who has accepted and signed the terms and conditions, photo authorization and complies with data protection law.

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