Your students, heart of your school

Aren't you tired of a thousand papers and hundreds of extra hours? Pamper your students and teachers by dedicating them more time

We are like that secretary you've always wanted, in a web form. You can check your students, attendance and payments from anywhere. All organized and in one place, so you can focus on what really matters.

Be a community

Students, teachers and parents connected in one place

Get rid of paper

All administration in one place and paperless

Your money safe

You will know at all times what has been paid and what is still owed

Let them come

Let your prospective students register themselves

We call you

We are happy to help you, just leave us your phone number and you will soon receive a call from one of our experts. Tell us how you want to improve your studio and together we will find the best solution for you.

We will use this information to contact you and answer your questions over the phone.

Connect with your students

Give your students and teachers the perfect mobile app. You will create unbreakable bonds

Imagine your students downloading an app to their cell phones and having the studio in their pocket, wouldn't it be great? Well, with the Kydemy mobile app you will make your students feel like they are in the studio even though they enter virtually. It's the perfect place for teachers, students and your school to strengthen the relationship.


Sends notifications and promotional messages

Videos and files

Upload videos and files for them to learn from home


Notify your students of events


Parents will be aware of what's happening at your center.


No more paperwork

Where do the lost papers go? Forget about it and centralize in one place the management of your studio

Stop taking administrative tasks home. Now your entire team can record everything that happens in the school and you can review it from anywhere.

Attendance lists

Take attendance from the app with one click

Trial classes

Control leads and sporadic trials


Attendance measured to the millimeter

Parents, informed

They will be able to know their children's attendance at all times.


Ready to improve your business?

We are here to help you achieve your dreams. If you are interested in learning about our platform we will show it to you with no obligation! Just book a demo with us. During the demo we will analyze your needs and you will be able to solve all your doubts.

Your finances, sorted

How many times have you had to run after your students to get them to pay?

Now you will have visibility of all your payments, expenses, salaries, fees and debts in one click. We make it easy for you to collect the information and show it to you in an orderly fashion. Don't complicate your life by filling in endless excels to keep your finances up to date.

Automatic reminders

Sends automatic payment reminders

Online payments and SEPA Remittances

Let your students pay online

Differentiated roles

Delegate tasks to your team

Detailed reports

Find out what's going on in your studio.


Hassle-free registrations

In which group is there room, wait... Waiting list? What a mess!

Forget about time-consuming face-to-face registrations and paperwork. Kydemy lets you manage registrations even from your couch. Students can sign up for classes online and you will receive an email notification so you can quickly confirm enrollment. It's a very comfortable, intuitive and fast system so that they don't think it twice and sign up for the school.

Online registrations

Without having to go through the secretary's office


Create links to use in Facebook ads

Waiting lists

Control seating and manage who goes first

Files and documents

Sends files automatically at each registration.

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