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The Most Advanced Software for Dance Academies

Kydemy is a complete management system for all types of academies, sports or wellness centers and clinics.
With Kydemy you will be able to administer students/clients, classes/appointments, events, styles/levels, payments/debts, attendance, classrooms/venues, events, tasks, teachers/professionals... and much more.

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Why Kydemy?

Kydemy is a unique product, featuring a new management approach and leveraging the latest technology. Find out more about the features that makes Kydemy the best in class solution:

Nimble Management

Kydemy helps you focus on your business improving your productivity. Clean and intuitive as a mobile app with all the benefits of the cloud.

Access for All

Kydemy provides a tailored view for each type of user: administrators/secretaries, teachers/professionals and for your students/clients.

Blazing Fast

We use the latest in technology and best practices in software engineering. The result is a spry application and great user experience.

Great Support

We take pride in what we do and the satisfaction of our clients. We will be with you every-step of the way, helping you so Kydemy can be a success factor for your business.

Features & Functionality

Software management solution for academies, specially designed for dance academies, studies/languages/music academies & martial arts centers.

Kydemy is a 360 degree solution, with specific access for administrators/owners, managers/secretaries, teachers, students, family, etc.

Kydemy is available in English, Spanish, French and Catalan (contact us for additional languages), does not require installation, and is accessible from any computer or smartphone.

Class Management

With Kydemy you can create and manage all your classes and schedules, supporting regular classes, intensive courses, workshops or private/private classes, etc.

Individual classes or in couples, you can select the capacity, style and minimum level for each class. Furthermore, in Kydemy you can register several locations and classrooms, being able to manage the multi-room schedules easily.

Students & Assistance

All the data of your students under control, their classes, levels, payments, etc. Attendance Lists and Calendars by class and by student.

You can activate additional fields and control the permissions and functionalities available for students. There is support for making up attendance of class absences, add students to a specific class (taxis) and much more.

Registrations / Enrollment

Manually copying registration data? Google Forms not up to date with the schedule? With Kydemy you have an enrollment system always up to date.

Your catalog of classes, dance partner information, customizable questions and much more. You can also select for each registration and each class if you accept the registration, put it on the waiting list or reject it.

Organization of Events

Create events, both free or with a fee/ticket price: parties, concerts, clandestine, performances, meetings, etc. In your premise or in different venues.

Your students will be able to see your events, sign up or show interest, you can manage the collection of tickets and also if you have active online payments, your students can buy tickets directly on the platform.

Payments & Debts

Your finances under control in a simple and effective way, you will be able to manage the payments of classes, monthly fees/memberships, events, licenses, etc.

Quickly review the students who have not yet paid this month, either with or without class attendance, generate receipts for your students and reports with monthly income details.You can also configure VAT / Taxes, currency and much more.


Thanks to an internal messaging system or through old school emails, with Kydemy you can communicate with your students efficiently.

In Kydemy you will find a communication system where you can create emails and select the recipients through filters: roles, classes, fees, styles, etc. You can also create internal notes for each student visible only by teachers and other employees.


Kydemy is adaptable to your needs, you will be able to tune and configure practically any aspect of the platform: appearance, styles, levels, quotas, prices, etc.

Practically all functionalities can be activated/deactivated and/or adjusted, you can assign specific permissions to teachers and students and you can adapt the software to your branding: logos, colors, typography, etc..

Payments Online

Your students can make payments by credit card in a simple and safe way: monthly fees, classes, events, etc.

Kydemy uses Stripe to manage online payments. Payments are processed in real time, you will have total visibility of your income and the assurance that your payments are in good hands.

Please check the Features section to review all the benefits of using Kydemy

Optimized for Mobile & Tablet

Kydemy has been developed using a mobile-first approach. This translates in a perfect responsiveness enabling you and your clients to use all the features of Kydemy on any type of device.

The solution is very lightweight and optimized to use the minimum amount of data. Our clients are successfully using Kydemy everyday on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.


iOS / Apple


Kydemy Laptop
Kydemy Cloud
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Five Stars Usability

Kydemy features a great UI design, making use of the latest tendencies in interface design. Its optimized usability, for both touch and non-touch devices, makes Kydemy self explanatory, easy to use by all types of individuals and providing an unparalleled user satisfaction.

Furthermore, Kydemy's look and feel can be easily customized to match your branding and usability preferences.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We trust fully that you are going to love Kydemy. We have created Kydemy closely with our clients and the product has evolved to meet real necessities and solve your problems. For this reason Kydemy offers a Free subscription plan, with no time limit, plus a one-month trial on all of the other plans.

On top of that you will be in total control of your data, you will be able to export your contents at anytime and cancel your subscription whenever you decide.

Kydemy Computer

Client Reviews and Testimonials

César Cano

César Cano

Secretary & Admin @ Sa Cotxeria - Club social de swing

Identifying and managing students becomes simple, fast and effective. It makes possible a closer contact without needing to know them personally. In addition, being quite intuitive simplifies registration and administrative processes.

Maria Mallan

Maria Mallan

Owner & Teacher @ Sa Cotxeria - Club social de swing

It greatly facilitates administrative work as well as communication with students. An indispensable tool, easy to use, and very complete.

Andrea Frullone

Andrea Frullone

Student @ Sa Cotxeria - Club social de swing

The application easy use and above all it is very useful. I am able to view my classes in the calendar, the activities of the club, as well as allow me a direct communication with the teachers and the administrative staff.