Cookies Information and Policy

The Kydemy solution and the website use own cookies and third party cookies to improve the user experience, provide your mechanisms to interact with other social websites, monitor possible errors and to gather usage statistics.

If you do not wish your information to be managed by these cookies we recommend you to block the cookies using the appropriate mechanism provided in your browser configuration.

If you decide to block or not use cookies we will not be able to provide a proper user experience and some of the functionality available might be affected, therefore we cannot guarantee the proper usage of the solution/website.

Therefore, and in order to provide a useful service, you should understand that by browsing or using our products you are agreeing to the usage of cookies (for both, Kydemy and third party cookies).

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that will be downloaded and stored locally in your computer when browsing a website or by using a web application. Cookies are a mechanism that allows us to improve our services and your experience when using our products.

What type of cookies are used by Kydemy?

Technical Cookies

These are cookies used by Kydemy to be able to provide a suitable experience when browsing and interacting with the application. For instance we use cookies to identify you and your session, remember you when you open the site again, customize options in the user interface, store preferences and information, etc.

We use HubSpot cookies to provide customer support through chat, chat-bots and help related contents. This cookies also provide functionality tutorials for our customers.
We also use Prismic cookies to enable us to manage our blog and its contents.

Analytics Cookies

Kydemy uses Google Analytics service to gather statistical information in order to improve our services. We will never share your information with Google or other third party, therefore the usage of these cookies will never cause that your data could be used to identify you or access personal information.

For more information about the Google Analytics cookies please review this link: Google - Cookies Information

Other Cookies

Kydemy might use cookies for other services such as Google maps when the administrator of the site decides to provide such services.

At this time Kydemy is not using other third party cookies.

How to disable Cookies?

As we have mentioned before, you will be able to disable all cookies by using the configuration of your web browser. We do not recommend this, but if you decide to do so, here you can find some directions depending on which browser you use:

Data Privacy

In order to know more about how we manage data, please review our Privacy policy.

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