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Paqui Gomis, Pas a Pas


Partners, Pas a Pas

I would recommend it 100%. Nowadays everything is digitalized and we have to be up to date if we don't want to be left behind. With Kydemy, everything is easier.
Escuela Sally O’Neill

Sally O’Neill

Owner, Sally O’Neill School

Before using Kydemy, the payments were a little chaotic. Now it is much easier. In addition, we purchased the Kydemy compatible ticket printer so we can print receipts directly. Direct debit payments are phenomenal.
Susana, Llar Dansa

Susana Aledo

Owner, Llar Dansa

Kydemy is great and the support staff is super nice. I like that it is very personal and familiar. It's relaxed and friendly but also professional. We usually solve everything on the spot or on the same day. The support team is very easy to reach.
Jordi, CBM

Jordi Fàbrega

Owner, CBM School

Don't look for other software, it has to be Kydemy because it is the only one that has been created for dance schools. I know dance schools that have the software integrated into the school's computer and cannot work from anywhere else.For me it is so comfortable to be able to control everything from home, from the mobile, or from anywhere.
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