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Ángela & Águeda, Estudio A

Ángela & Águeda

Owners, Estudio A

As owners of Estudio A, where we work giving Pilates classes as well as managing the studio, it was essential for us to find a tool that would facilitate our work without wasting time, and with Kydemy we have found it. We are very happy because it is just what we need: PRACTICALITY. Kydemy is practical and easy to use.
Pedro Gea Segura & Nati Díez Lucas, Asisebaila Dance Studio

Pedro Gea Segura & Nati Díez Lucas

Owners, Asisebaila Dance Studio

Thanks to Kydemy we have been able to digitise our school much more, save paper and save management time, as both students and teachers make administrative tasks less and more agile, everything flows! The support team is always ready to answer your questions as soon as possible, listen to proposals and implementations are daily, continuously improving the application.
Carmen Lorente, Escuela Magic Dance

Carmen Lorente

Owner, Escuela Magic Dance

I am very happy with Kydemy, since we have been able to use it we have made our secretarial work much quicker and we can spend more time on other things that we previously had in the background. It makes it much easier to control students, control payments, attendance lists.... It has become a very important tool for us.
Ana, The Study Ground


Founder, The Study Ground

The appearance of the platform, its functionalities, the reports, the ease of generating receipts, vouchers, events, etc., the app, the possibility of doing everything on any device and, above all, the SPECTACULAR customer service, make daily management a small pleasure. 100% RECOMMENDABLE.
Leticia Pérez, Leticia Pérez Estudio

Leticia Pérez

Propietaria, Leticia Pérez Estudio

Without Kydemy I would not have been able to do it. The management and order needed to run a studio with different activities is essential and with Kydemy I have been able to do this quickly and effectively.
Lucía Colunga, Alma Funky

Lucía Colunga

Manager, Alma Funky

For us it has been a total help in the management of our school. Not only at an administrative and organisational level for the team, but it is also a tool that makes it easier for families to pay, view debts, see their children's absences and access video content and files. We could no longer live without kydemy Kydemy

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Fanny Becerra, Escuela de Música y Artes de Playas

Fanny Becerra

Manager, Escuela de Música y Artes de Playas

The best decision for the school is to have acquired Kydemy, it is an indispensable tool that allows us to keep track of all students, progress, attendance and payment control. Since the school opened in 2016 I had been dreaming of such a software and when I found it in 2022 I simply couldn't believe it!!! Thank you Kydemy team for making the administration of the school easier!


Owner, OVAT

Since I discovered Kydemy, we have grown as a school. We overcame the pandemic by going digital. Students are delighted to be able to access their lessons easily and securely. As we say in our advertising, we have everything for you to dance, face-to-face, online and library of recorded classes. And if you need anything....en anything they are there to help you. A 10 is an understatement.
Paqui Gomis, Pas a Pas


Partners, Pas a Pas

I would recommend it 100%. Nowadays everything is digitalized and we have to be up to date if we don't want to be left behind. With Kydemy, everything is easier.
Escuela Sally O’Neill

Sally O’Neill

Owner, Sally O’Neill School

Before using Kydemy, the payments were a little chaotic. Now it is much easier. In addition, we purchased the Kydemy compatible ticket printer so we can print receipts directly. Direct debit payments are phenomenal.
Susana, Llar Dansa

Susana Aledo

Owner, Llar Dansa

Kydemy is great and the support staff is super nice. I like that it is very personal and familiar. It's relaxed and friendly but also professional. We usually solve everything on the spot or on the same day. The support team is very easy to reach.
Jordi, CBM

Jordi Fàbrega

Owner, CBM School

Don't look for other software, it has to be Kydemy because it is the only one that has been created for dance schools. I know dance schools that have the software integrated into the school's computer and cannot work from anywhere else.For me it is so comfortable to be able to control everything from home, from the mobile, or from anywhere.
Fosy, Mecanicos

Fosy Rock

Owner, Escuela Mecánicos del Swing

Kydemy for us meant order and convenience. Having everything in a single platform has greatly simplified our management, especially in terms of time and ease. Besides, it has been improving with each update and each time it has better functionalities and more practical applications.

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