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How to get more students in your dance school

Fran Grau

Fran Grau

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Your language is important for attracting new students. Do you know how to communicate effectively, whether in person or through the Internet? With these guidelines, you will stop making the most common communication mistakes to become an effective communicator.


You might wonder: how can communication help me get more registrations in my school? How should I communicate if I do it through social media? What specific aspects are we talking about when we refer to communication?

Communication goes far beyond simple information exchange. It's a tool that, if worked on properly, allows you to reach a wider audience, and even more importantly, the type of student you're interested in having in your school. 

Communicating also means connecting and creating a bond through a message, an image, a video or a song. Communicating with others gives you the opportunity to reach the person you're interested in and convey the right message to get the desired reaction. Good communication will mean more registrations in your school.

That's why we provide you with some simple guidelines that you can implement in your school easily and quickly. This way, you'll know what to ask, to get the right information and what information to offer to make it of quality and interest to the student.

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Where does the student request information?

It's not the same for a student to enter through the door of your school, perhaps with a little embarrassment or shyness, or to do it from the comfort of their home through a message on Facebook. Your communication and actions should adapt to the circumstances so that they remain appropriate.

If the student requests information in person, you can build trust in these ways:

  • Introduce yourself and start a friendly conversation to find out what they want and what they're looking for. Smile naturally, use a soft tone of voice, and make calm gestures to help them feel comfortable. Explain the advantages of enrolling in your school (discounts, intensives, etc.) and show them schedules and teachers. It's important that they have a clear picture of everything you can offer them. 
  • Take care of the school's facilities. Keep the paint on the walls in good condition, the classrooms clean, and everything tied up. Use soft air freshener that conveys good sensations upon entering, and take care of the lighting throughout the school. It will be easier for the student to imagine themselves dancing there if the environment is cared for and has all the necessary materials. 
  • Listen to what they say and find out if they're looking for something specific: why do they want to enroll in your school? Have they danced before or is it their first experience? Are they coming from another studio? If so, why do they want to change? This will provide information that will allow you to offer them something suitable to their needs, and they will also feel welcomed and attended to. 

If a student contacts you through social media, answer immediately and offer attractive content. Also, keep in mind that: 

  • On the school's profile, it's important to offer content of interest to potential students. 
  • Videos of classes with your students or from other prestigious studios, special performances by the teachers who teach classes at your school, and teachers with international recognition. 
  • Trial classes and videos with beginner exercises. 
  • Images of the school's facilities, students, interesting articles, and prerequisites for registration. 
  • If they send a private message or write on the profile requesting information, answer them as soon as possible to create a first contact. 
  • Use colloquial words that they can easily understand and a friendly tone. They would feel like they're talking to a real person. 
  • Ask short and simple questions to get an idea of what they're looking for. Unlike the situation where the student goes to the school in person, on social media, it should be a conversation with a faster pace to not lose their interest. The lack of visual contact makes it easier for them to get distracted with other things.
  • Offer the possibility of trying a class and, in the process, clearing up any doubts they may have. Once they've tried a class, it will always be easier to connect and get them to enroll immediately. 
  • Tell them about discounts and special prices for new students (if it's something you already offer).

Once you have planned how you're going to communicate and feel that you control all these aspects: What else can you do to get a student to enroll in your school?

Follow up. If the student requests information and you let them leave without further ado, it's very likely that they'll lose interest, forget, or worse, find another school or activity to do. Once they have all the information and if they still haven't decided to try a free class or enroll directly, give them a margin of 1 or 2 days at most and contact them again. 

Let them feel that they're important to you! Ask them what they thought of the school and the available classes. Remind them that they can try a free class and that you're available for any questions they may have. If the conversation allows it and your studio includes some kind of discount on registration or for new students, it's the ideal time to remind them. Don't prolong the conversation too much; the important thing for them is to see that there's an interest in knowing if they liked it, and feel that your school is the right place to dance.

The way you communicate defines who you are as a company. It's not easy to project the best of your school in a few words or to have the skill to find out what each potential student wants. But, by recognizing the value of communication and following these guidelines, you will achieve what every studio aims for: getting more registrations that translate into happy students enjoying dancing. You'll see how you can continue to grow with new students every year!

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We are here to help you achieve your dreams. If you are interested in learning about our platform we will show it to you with no obligation! Just book a demo with us. During the demo we will analyze your needs and you will be able to solve all your doubts.


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