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5 Requirements to open a dance studio

Samantha Rey

Samantha Rey

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Like other types of business, opening a dance studio brings additional tasks and paperwork that we must take into account. But, if you are thinking of opening a dance studio, you are in the right place. In this post, we tell you 5 requirements to open a dance studio, necessary permits, regulations, and the benefits of setting up a dance studio. Are you ready? Let's get started!


Before thinking about setting up a dance studio, you must be clear about the regulations and permits needed to put it into operation. Also, they might be different or specific to each state/country. In addition, please bear in mind that some disciplines might need additional requirements or might be regulated by a local federation. Therefore, you must go to the town hall of the city or municipality where you have decided to open the dance studio to process an opening license and activity license, which will also take several requirements, such as having fire extinguishers, access for people with reduced mobility, ventilation, toilets, etc. That is, the premises must be conditioned for the activity to be performed in it.

On the other hand, if the premises where you are going to open the dance studio needs soundproofing works, you will need a building permit. And do not forget to take insurance for studios; in this type of business, accidents or injuries affecting students or teachers are normal. Not having insurance could lead to legal problems.

Leaving aside the bureaucratic and formal part, these are 5 requirements to open a dance studio and make it a success!

Market research in your area

This requirement is almost mandatory for dance schools, as for many types of businesses, your location and neighborhood are pivotal to your success. You must analyze the market in the area where you will open the dance studio. Knowing the target audience, the area where you want to open the studio, the competition, the socio-economic and demographic profile of the area, etc. In short, conducting a market study before opening the dance studio will help you make better decisions, improve your services and achieve the success of your business.

Differentiate yourself from other studios

Once you have done your market research and have that valuable data in your hands, the next step is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Looking at what the competition is doing is not about copying but rather about taking notes of what works. Define an attractive range of courses and classes, specializing in a discipline or offer a service that does not exist in the area. It's all about attracting customers to your dance studio.

Facilities of the dance studio

We already mentioned this requirement when we talked about the formal part of opening a dance studio, but it is of great importance. It is about having good facilities, quality materials, proper floors, lockers, toilets, changing rooms, etc. This is the minimum a dance studio should have, but you can differentiate yourself from other studios by offering hair dryers, shower gel, towels, etc. These are things that students will appreciate.

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Build student loyalty

It's not about students coming to the studio, taking their classes, paying, and leaving. A dance studio is something more; it's a family. There are many actions and details to keep students happy. This can be done daily and does not require investing money. For example, greeting each student by name, offering discounts or personalized promotions, tailored tips and exercises to improve, complementary services to the dance classes, wishing them happy birthdays, etc. 

Planning dance classes

And the last requirement has less to do with the facilities or the students, but rather with the studio's management. As you can see, there are many details to which you must pay attention so that the dance studio works to perfection, but there are also tasks that you can delegate or find the simplest way to complete.

This can easily be achieved by planning classes through management software where administration and billing tasks are carried out. Scheduling classes of the week, information for students and families, payment history and finances, etc. It is the easiest way to have all the information about your dance studio in one place. Avoiding complications and unnecessary delays of dealing with information scattered in paper or lost in spreadsheets, you will be able to give the best service to your students.

5 Benefits of setting up a dance studio

There are many benefits of having a dance studio. Dancing is a wonderful and enriching activity, both for the body and the mind. Therefore, practicing this discipline as a team, with a group of people with the same passion for dancing, has many benefits. Do you want to know which ones?

Become a dance family

When a passion unites people, such as dance and music, these people will share the same goals, hopes, and the same desire to learn and evolve. As a result, friendships are forged beyond the dance, and that is very enriching.


In a dance studio, people of different ages and levels live together. Therefore, it is quite common to help each other, know their strengths, enhance them, and help each other improve their weaknesses. In addition, working as a team creates powerful bonds between people.

Knowledge and socialization

People working in teams enrich each other with their knowledge, share experiences, and learn from each other's skills. Teamwork will be the source of success for a dance group.


There are people whose joy and excitement alone are contagious to those around them. Creating a group of excited people about the same things will boost each other and row in the same direction. Motivation is intrinsic, but it's always good to have people around who are passionate about what they do.


Another positive consequence of teamwork is that their classmates inspire other students to learn and improve dance steps and do so with the same energy and motivation. Over time, this might become a trend, and there is an effect called "group style" in the dance studios. This does not mean that everyone dances the same, but they do it with great harmony and complicity. Furthermore, it also generates healthy competition among the students raising the bar of the school.

The bottom line is simple, setting up a dance studio has many benefits; why not make your passion your way of life? From Kydemy, we encourage you to take the step and create your own dance studio, leaving the boring and complicated stuff, such as management and planning to specialized software for dance studios. Everything will be much easier.

Download our guide to know how to choose the best dance studio software, and if you dare, request a demo. Now is the time!

Samantha Rey

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Jul 01, 2021

Samantha Rey

Ready to improve your business?

We are here to help you achieve your dreams. If you are interested in learning about our platform we will show it to you with no obligation! Just book a demo with us. During the demo we will analyze your needs and you will be able to solve all your doubts.

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