Kydemy Festivals Features

Kydemy Festivals is the right tool when organizing a Festival. Forget about spreadsheets, trying to match couples, checking bank statements to mark payments, invalid information, juggling classes, venues and hours to create and schedule. With Kydemy Festivals managing a festival is easy and painless, from registration to the last day.

Kydemy Festivals - Key Functional Features

Mobile App

  • We provide our Kydemy Festivals mobile app customized for your festival
  • Fully integrated App with Kydemy Festivals, any changes on the platform will be available in real time the App
  • Cutting edge Mobile App available for iOS and Android
  • Anyone can navigate through the festival schedule/program, class details, review the artists, news, etc.
  • Direct access to the festival's social networks and website

Users / Attendees

  • Register festival attendees manually, update their data and classify them by registration packs, groups, levels, etc.
  • Manage dance dance couples and complete un coupled attendees easily.
  • Stores all the data of the festival attendees and browse them through different criteria: name, email, nationality, style, level ...
  • Provide freedom for students / attendees by giving them access to the festival schedules and activities

Manage and Schedule Classes

  • Create your own schedule of classes, parties, meals and events of the festival
  • Add the locations and times of the workshops and social events
  • Full support for individual classes and classes for couples
  • Assign to each class the group, teachers/artists, classroom/location, date, duration, picture and description
  • Kydemy festivals is created for international events, so you can define multilingual descriptions for each class/event

Artists (Teachers/Bands/DJs/etc.)

  • Access useful information about the guest artists and teachers: biography, pictures, etc.
  • Configure every class, workshop, taster, party or event with the invited artists
  • Festivals has categories of artists so you can provide an good catalog of the talent in the festival

Accreditations / Payments

  • Provide a full automated registration process to your attendees: from the registration form, payment, confirmation and festival updates/messages.
  • Create different types or packages of accreditation and manage confirmations through Kydemy Festivals
  • No more Excel sheets and manually review bank transfers

Locations & Classrooms

  • Create different locations and classrooms for each class / party / meal / or event of the festival
  • Provide relevant information about the locations, distances, etc. All classes/events/parties will be accessible through Maps.
  • Define different categories of your locations and provide useful information to your attendees

News & Updates

  • Post news and relevant information about the festival updates in the news section
  • Create information about the location of the festival and options for accommodation, gastronomy, landmarks, etc.
  • Link each news item to content outside the application if needed


  • Send press releases and notifications to festival attendees
  • Enable communication among participants privately

Kydemy Festivals - Main Technical Features


  • Kydemy follows the current usability guidelines to provide an unparalleled experience
  • Easy and nimble usage for students/clients but also for you and your staff
  • Interfaces enriched with pictures, charts and other visually appealing elements

Accessibility and Devices

  • Kydemy can be used from any device and resolution
  • Web application fully compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Support for any resolution and designed to be touch friendly (mouse not required to perform any activity)

Fast and Nimble

  • Using latest server and client side technologies, Kydemy is super fast
  • Navigation and interaction does not require page reloads, improving the experience and saving data to you and your users
  • Same experience if you have 200 users or 20,000, Kydemy performance is unrivaled

Security and Safety

  • We do not compromise in security or safety
  • All your data is isolated in your own virtual space only accessible to you and not shared with other clients
  • Kydemy is hosted in Google Cloud Platform providing the best security and service available in the market

Customization and Branding

  • Kydemy allows you to customize your platform to match your branding
  • You will be able to choose your color palette, logos, images, etc.
  • White labeled platform available, only your branding will be visible.
  • Additional customization can be provided under request

Support and Commitment

  • We have your back and your business is in good hands
  • Although we have different support levels, we will prioritize issue resolution to any other activity
  • We will help you to get started and to resolve any issues you might encounter setting up or using Kydemy
  • You own your data, so if you decide to migrate to a different platform we will assist you to mitigate the impact in your business

Backups and Monitoring

  • All Kydemy instances are under constant monitoring and backups are performed several times everyday
  • We can help you to revert any undesired critical action in the application
  • We will upgrade your instance performance if you need additional horsepower

Collaborative Road-map

  • Our clients are the most important for us, therefor your needs are our duties
  • We will plan updates, improvements and new features according to your client's needs
  • We provide total transparency in our current developments and when they will be delivered

Integration Ready - API

  • Kydemy is developed as a service application, therefore it can be easily integrated
  • All your data and all the functionality can be integrated in your website with some development effort
  • We will assist you to perform these integrations with documentation and guidance from our engineers