Kydemy Features

The Kydemy platform provides you a large amount of interesting features to manage your current business workflow or to enhance it. With Kydemy you will be able to manage from dance academies to sport centers or wellness centers.
For further information about what types of business are supported by Kydemy please review the FAQ section.

Kydemy - Key Functional Features

Students / Couples / Customers

  • Manage all students, couples and teachers from a single view
  • Search and browse quickly using different criteria: names, emails, phone numbers, memberships, etc.
  • Empower your students by enabling access to their classes, profile, payment information and classes contents

Classes / Events / Appointments

  • Create classes, events or appointments in a nimble way
  • Manage your classes using different states: active, planned and archived
  • Schedule classes using recurring or specific dates

Class & Appointment Types

  • Support for different class types
  • Regular classes for recurring classes
  • Thematic classes for specific classes
  • Workshops for special classes
  • Intensives for a group of classes that will happen several days

Memberships / Fees

  • Support for custom memberships models
  • You can define your membership information: price, classes included, period, etc.
  • Full visibility of the classes and membership detail of each student

Styles / Subjects / Therapies

  • Define as many styles/subjects/therapies as you need
  • When creating classes/appointments/events you can select the corresponding style
  • You and your students can view/filter the contents by style

Levels / Experience

  • You can define explicit and independent levels for each style
  • Define minimum requirements for classes using levels
  • Track progress of your students and organize your classes catalog

Attendance / Waiting Lists

  • Track class attendance using the attendance list
  • Analyze class attendance and students global or per class attendance
  • Create waiting lists for popular classes to help you plan for new classes

Payment and Payment Methods

  • Register all payments with full traceability
  • Support for payments methods to track all sorts of income
  • Support for credit card payments for you students/clients *

Payments & Debts Reports

  • Browse all payments received categorized by memberships, classes/appointments and other payments
  • Quickly identify students/clients with outstanding dues
  • Forecast the expected month income and track your weekly earnings

Reporting and Auditing

  • Full traceability of all activities in the platform
  • Review payments, updates or any change performed by your staff
  • Reports and figures to display members activities, attendance, income, etc.


  • Different dashboards for administrators, teachers and clients/students
  • All the information you need at one glance: today's classes, membership fees, messages, etc.
  • We continuously improve dashboards to reflect your needs

Tips and Communication

  • Create another communication way with your students or between teachers
  • Share insights with your students/clients to improve their skills
  • Communicate among your staff details about students/clients in a private way

Kydemy - Main Technical Features


  • Kydemy follows the current usability guidelines to provide an unparalleled experience
  • Easy and nimble usage for students/clients but also for you and your staff
  • Interfaces enriched with pictures, charts and other visually appealing elements

Accessibility and Devices

  • Kydemy can be used from any device and resolution
  • Web application fully compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Support for any resolution and designed to be touch friendly (mouse not required to perform any activity)

Fast and Nimble

  • Using latest server and client side technologies, Kydemy is super fast
  • Navigation and interaction does not require page reloads, improving the experience and saving data to you and your users
  • Same experience if you have 200 users or 20,000, Kydemy performance is unrivaled

Security and Safety

  • We do not compromise in security or safety
  • All your data is isolated in your own virtual space only accessible to you and not shared with other clients
  • Kydemy is hosted in Google Cloud Platform providing the best security and service available in the market

Customization and Branding

  • Kydemy allows you to customize your platform to match your branding
  • You will be able to choose your color palette, logos, images, etc.
  • White labeled platform available, only your branding will be visible.
  • Additional customization can be provided under request

Support and Commitment

  • We have your back and your business is in good hands
  • Although we have different support levels, we will prioritize issue resolution to any other activity
  • We will help you to get started and to resolve any issues you might encounter setting up or using Kydemy
  • You own your data, so if you decide to migrate to a different platform we will assist you to mitigate the impact in your business

Backups and Monitoring

  • All Kydemy instances are under constant monitoring and backups are performed several times everyday
  • We can help you to revert any undesired critical action in the application
  • We will upgrade your instance performance if you need additional horsepower

Collaborative Road-map

  • Our clients are the most important for us, therefor your needs are our duties
  • We will plan updates, improvements and new features according to your client's needs
  • We provide total transparency in our current developments and when they will be delivered

Integration Ready - API

  • Kydemy is developed as a service application, therefore it can be easily integrated
  • All your data and all the functionality can be integrated in your website with some development effort
  • We will assist you to perform these integrations with documentation and guidance from our engineers