Take control of YOUR business TODAY

Step away from pen & paper or spreadsheets, that is the past.
You can bring your academy into the future with Kydemy.

You and your customers already use technology every day and everywhere. Stop using an archaic management system and re-invent yourself and your academy with Kydemy.


Effortless Finances

Total control and visibility of all payments, academy expenses, teacher wages, student fees, refunds and debts. All presented in informative tables, charts, reports and you will be able to export all transactions.

Sit Back and Relax

Forget about the stress of opening and maintaining registrations. With Kydemy you will be able to manage all your registration campaigns, customize your registration forms, automate emails and payments.

Tailored to your Workflow

Kydemy has been created in very close collaboration with top-notch academies. We support many different workflows for managing student/teacher attendance, student fees, class vouchers, discounts... you name it!

Automation = More Time

Kydemy is there for you every step of the way: suggesting you useful information, providing you with context details to perform tasks faster, sending scheduled notifications to students and performing tedious tasks automatically.

Kydemy Students Management

All your data, one platform

With Kydemy you will be able to manage all your data in a single application: students, teachers, secretaries, relatives, groups, classes, events, schedule, tasks, wages, etc.

  • Support for: Regular, Private or Intensive Classes and Workshops.
  • Rich student / relatives / teachers profiles.
  • Manage your classes schedule directly from the Calendar.
  • Never erase data: Archive old classes or disable old students.

Your Numbers under Control

Our customers love how easy is to manage their finances with Kydemy: monthly fees, class payments, registration fees, vouchers, discounts, wages, expenses and much more.

  • Create new payments is quick and easy.
  • Identify which Students have missing payments or/and debts.
  • Tables, charts and reports with to analyze and improve your business.
  • Membership fees, discounts, multiple classes, vouchers and much more.
Kydemy Fees Report
Kydemy Attendance List

Delegate tasks and focus on what really matters

With Kydemy you can empower your teachers, employees and students to do their part so you can focus on providing a great service.

  • Define managers to manage payments, classes, communication, etc.
  • Teachers can take attendance with Kydemy using their smartphones.
  • Your students can register for classes and update their profile information.
  • Parents can review student attendance, class details and pay their fees.

“ It greatly facilitates administrative work as well as communication with students. An indispensable tool, easy to use, and very complete. ”
“ Identifying and managing students becomes simple, fast and effective. It makes possible a closer contact without needing to know them personally. In addition, being quite intuitive simplifies registration and administrative processes. ”

Maria Mallan & César Cano - Owner & Teacher @ Sa Cotxeria

Kydemy Responsive Mobile

Kydemy from Everywhere at Anytime

Kydemy is a cutting edge cloud/web App that can be used from any device and any operative system. We also have a native mobile App (iOS & Android) for your students.

  • Mobile-first responsive web application.
  • Cloud app: no installation required and always accessible.
  • iOS and Android Apps for your students available in the app stores.
  • We can create your own Branded/Customized App for iOS and Android.

Online Payments: a game-changer for your business

Avoid long lines of students waiting to pay their classes. Forget about managing cash or cashier mistakes. Can you imagine how many hours would you save? or what could you achieve with those hours?

  • Online Payment with credit cards: classes, fees, events, registrations, etc.
  • You will be able to configure payment Reminders and Notifications for your students.
  • Secure online payments powered by industry leader Stripe.
  • Commission: €0.25 + (3.4% for EU cards or 4.9% for non-EU cards) per transaction.
Fee Online Payment
Kydemy Support

5-STARS Support and Usability

Kydemy is really easy to learn and use, and we will hold your hand until you're ready to fly on your own. Our Customer Satisfaction and Support team will be always there for you whenever you need us.

  • Online / Video-conference Trainings
  • Integrated support Chat and Help articles.
  • Interactive tutorials/guides to master Kydemy in no time.
  • Easy and nimble software for all ages and technical backgrounds.

“ It helps a lot to keep groups and registrations up to date. In addition how to information is displayed is very clear and clean, and that is very important to keep everything tidy. ”

Javier Santos - Partner & Teacher @ Galactic Old School

Additional Features

The Kydemy team is always working closely with all our customers in order to make a great product.
We are focused on helping you saving time and making your tasks easier.
Kydemy is updated every 2-3 months with improvements and new features.

  • Customize the Look & Feel.
  • Receipt Thermal Printer (58mm & 80mm)
  • Import your students using spreadsheets.
  • Custom styles/levels for classes & students.
  • Support for couples/dance-partners in classes.
  • Access for students and their relatives.
  • Staff task management.
  • Customizable teacher permissions.
  • Registration of staff working hours.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for productivity.
  • Messaging system with notifications.
  • Bulk email system with filters for marketing.
  • Export daily/monthly payments/debts.
  • Comprehensive Reports and Analysis.
  • English, Spanish, French and Catalan.
  • Additional languages, please contact us.
  • Send automatic invitations to your students.
  • Multiple and customizable registrations.
  • Advanced membership fees and discounts.
  • Waiting lists, “taxis” list for classes.
  • Re-schedule / Make up attendance.
  • Cancel and notify cancellation of classes.
  • Staff monthly wages or per class / hour rates.
  • Teacher, attendance, substitutions, payments...
  • Rent and Expenses management
  • Balance / Benefit charts and tools.
  • VAT / TAX / Currencies support.
  • Billing and Invoice management.
  • Support for drop-ins / quick registrations.
  • Event planning, attendance and payments.
  • Full traceability of actions and data backups.
  • Support and automated schedule for holidays.
  • Embed Kydmey content in your website.
  • And much more...

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