COVID-19 Survival Guide

Keep your business running during the Crisis

These are challenging times full of uncertainty and frustration. We know your business are going to be harshly affected, let us help you as we are helping our customers keep their businesses afloat.

It is in your hands how big the impact will be
It is not too late to take action!

Let's analyze the issue:


You have two choices, lock down your business and wait for this to blow over, or you can choose to adapt and minimize this blow as much as possible.


But bear in mind that scientists are recommending authorities that the lockdown should be in place for at least three months. There is no place so far, around the globe, where the situation has normalized after the virus.


Can you survive from three to five months without new income?
Have you thought about your rent? And about your staff? What about your customers?


Many institutions are providing online content for free; it is a very laudable initiative, but can they keep it up for 3 months or more? Can you afford to give for free content for four months?


Online content is the key, but by evolving a face-to-face business into an online service. Shops all around the world are moving to e-commerce to survive this crisis. Why should you not do the same?


If you do not provide these contents and services, someone else will, and your current customers are going to be consuming that content and paying for those services, but not to you.
You must do something about it, and days matter!

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What do you need for creating an Online Studio/Academy/School/Business?

In order to bring your business to the cloud you are going to need a series of tools and features so you can operate properly. We have listed some of the most important elements you need to provide a stable and successful service:

Online registrations:

Not only you need to be able to allow existing customers to register for your online courses, but also you need new customers.
This crisis is going to be tough, but some people might see it as an opportunity. You can now have customers from other neighborhoods, cities, or even countries.

Online content:

Yes, generating online content can be challenging at the start, but once you have the content ready, you have it forever. A face-to-face class is a one-time income source. But a recorded class is a reusable stream of income. An online course is a great asset that you can continue to leverage after this crisis, with no limitations of class capacity nor incompatible schedule.

Online payments:

If you do not have an income, nothing is going to work. Yes, you can get wire transfers or use PayPal, but credit cards are the universal payment method, is real-time, and your customers can pay you and start your courses immediately.

Communication/messaging capabilities:

You need to reach your current client base to let them know what your offer is, how it is going to work, and how much is going to cost.
Are you going to call them one by one? How are you going to invite them to your online school? You need an integrated solution that solves all these problems for you so you can be flexible and efficient.

Distribution platform:

We live in an era of mobile Apps; you cannot pretend to have an online business without a mobile App. Notifications, access to your online content, messaging, online payments, etc. Simple, efficient, and professional to represent your brand and provide an excellent service.

How Kydemy can help you in this situation

In Kydemy, we have been working non-stop to provide all these tools so you can move your business to the cloud.

Most of our customers are currently creating online resources and courses for their existing customers while acquiring new ones.

With Kydemy you will have:

  • Total control of customers, courses, payments, etc.
  • Add videos and attachments to your classes
  • Online registrations
  • Online payments powered by Stripe
  • Bulk/distribution messages
  • Mobile App for students/relatives
  • ... and many more features

Ready for a Demo?

Having a quick chat with us is the best way to get answers.
Schedule a demo now and see for yourself how Kydemy can be the game changer that you are after.

Our Contribution & Commitment

We are eager to help you to survive this crisis, So we have made some changes in our pricing/policies that are going to be available until this crisis ends:

We are here to help YOU

Setup / Concierge Service / Premium Support add-on for free. We will help you to create and configure your platform, import your current customers, and set up classes so you can start ASAP with your online business. (usually €40/month)

Free Private YouTube

Our videos/attachments add-on is now free until the end of this crisis. You have up to 100GB of storage of videos and attachments for your online courses. (usually €9/month )

No Commissions on Online Payments*

We have waivered our online payment commissions. The current commissions are 1.4%+0.25 € for EU cards and 2.9% + 0.25€ for non-EU cards, which are imposed by Stripe. (instead of 3.4% / 4.9%)

Free Mobile App & Discounted Branded App

Our mobile app for students and relatives is free and will always be free. But you can have your branded app, with your logo and name in the AppStore/GooglePlay (within a week) for 500€/year (instead of 60€/month)

If you might be thinking if Kydemy is right for you, please note that our current customer base composed of many different types of businesses.

For instance, we work with training centers, music schools, art schools, extra-curricular activities schools, pilates/yoga studios, baby care/activities, martial arts centers, etc.

What do you need to do?
Schedule a Kydemy demo with one of our specialists so we can start working together in saving your business:

Learn how to create online business

Learn how to create online business

We are putting together a webinar about how to build an online academy.

We will teach you to successfully create online courses, publish content, handle online registrations, capture online payments and much more:

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