Aiding academies to grow, helping the arts to bloom

Kydemy is a solution created with passion and eagerness from within academies in order to solve YOUR problems.

In 2017, Fran Grau started a small pro-bono project to help out at his dance association.
That idea sparked by the need and lack of software solutions for modern dance studios that could address their every day challenges. In 2018 Kydemy became a reality that could be used by other academies, in a market overflown with Gym apps that were outdated and that did not fit correctly to the needs of academies.

Nowadays Kydemy collaborates with academies and art-related projects in Europe and America. Our team of great professionals strive to deliver best-in-class management solutions.
We are committed to our customers' success, the proliferation of art and art-related activities/projects around the world.

Meet the Team

Fran Grau
Founder - CEO & CTO
Joan Picornell
CoFounder - Dev Team Lead
Clara Aloy
Customer Success & Communications Specialist
Samantha Rey
Customer Success & Marketing Specialist
Elisabeth Torralba
Customer Success & Operations Specialist
Mikel Illán
Trainee - Junior Web Developer

Made with + in Mallorca + Valencia

Kydemy Colaborators

Kydemy could not be possible without the close help of external collaborators and friends from Sa Cotxeria - Club Social de Swing, Artisteo Taller, Centre Ball Mallorca, Gimnasio Tae Kwon-do Falcon's and the rest of our customers. Thank you all for your trust and your help!

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